Powerful and clinically validated results without the use of potentially harmful ingredients.

Lalogy was founded by a Los Angeles based team with an ongoing passion for a healthy lifestyle and the committed pursuit of all things natural. The central mission of our team is to provide our customers with the very best nature has to offer. We only aim to create products made from highly effective, natural and 100% organic ingredients. We believe everything Lalogy offers is exceptionally effective and more powerful than products that are chemically infused. Our creams are made with certified organic ingredients backed by powerful science to create visibly real results. We are committed to being honest and transparent with our customers, and are confident that our products speak for themselves.





At Lalogy we firmly believe that what you apply to the surface of your skin is just as important as what you put into your body. We also believe that the reflection you see in the mirror every day is one of the keys to a healthier sense of self worth. This is why Lalogy is determined with providing you advanced skincare solutions that harness the best of natural & certified organic ingredients to deliver clinically proven results, all without compromising your well-being. We wouldn’t put chemicals on our skin, why should you?

– XOXO Team Lalogy





Our skin is capable of absorbing  over 60% of what is topically placed on it. It’s a scary thought when you stop and think of what you might be “feeding” your skin on a daily basis. That is why we take every precaution necessary to refrain from using any typically used chemical preservative systems or synthetics.  Doing so eliminates the risk of these toxins from ever contaminating our bodies or those of our loved ones.

Lalogy’s main goal is to go above the traditional definition of “natural & organic”, and most certainly beyond your common, chemically riddled beauty brands. By implementing the simple solution of formulating with certified organic ingredients we dramatically reduce the residue from pesticides and unnecessary synthetic chemicals, found in typical product ingredients. At the moment there is no certification for “natural” ingredients, but organic ingredients are regulated by the USDA.

The majority of our ingredients come from
USDA certified Organic farms across our nation.



Welcome to a fresh twist on skincare. At Lalogy we consider every gourmet product we create alive & fresh, which introduces the vital concept of refrigeration.

Our philosophy dictates that refrigeration is key to the  potency, efficacy and performance of high quality skincare. It is important to remember that refrigeration of our products is NOT REQUIRED to preserve the product from spoiling, but that the primary function of refrigeration is to extend the potency and efficacy of the fresh ingredients. Refrigeration is not required but highly recommended as you will experience enhanced results if kept refrigerated.

The result will be a spa like experience like none other that will deliver the peak nutrients your cells crave for optimum rejuvenation.


Lalogy formulators start with a unique base of botanical hydrosols & organic, antioxidant-rich oils and add potent age defying as well as blemish clearing ingredients to provide your skin highly effective, clinically validated results. Each Lalogy product is packed with nutritional goodness which guarantees every antioxidant rich drop will be feeding your skin. No room for fillers here, why would you want it any other way?

Because of our organic, antioxidant rich botanicals and highly effective ingredients, Lalogy products will always strive to produce results for your skin , health and overall wellness. A recent study by The Organic Center found that organically farmed fruits and vegetables can increase antioxidant levels by nearly 30% compared with produce grown on conventional farms; therefore, we take great advantage of certified organic ingredients. Antioxidants are effective at neutralizing free radical activity, which can help visibly diminish skin cell damage. The results are healthier more youthful looking skin.


Lalogy does not use chemical preservative systems, parabens, petroleum, pesticides, propylene or butylene glycols, pthalates, sulfates, PEG’s. TEA, DEA, GMO, silicones, glutens, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances.

Lalogy’s team works relentlessly with a broad range of  master formulators, chemists, estheticians, herbalists and natural & organic farms from all over North America. The intimate relationships we have built with our partners in the wellness movement help us ensure that our customers will enjoy products with the highest degree of quality. Most importantly we introduce the concept of refrigeration which is one of the key aspects of our products. Our studies concluded that refrigerating our formulas promotes an extended potency and efficacy of the fresh and natural ingredients.  

Lalogy products are never tested on animals