Plant Based Skin Care

Going green is hotter than ever and gone are the days when choosing these eco-friendly products meant sacrificing effectiveness. Plant based products aren't just competing with the rest of the market but are now highly coveted and often even more effective thanks to the superfood ingredients that do wonders for our complexions without any of synthetics and chemicals that tend to dry and cause premature wear on our skin.

Natural, Organic and Fresh Is Important

When you go out shopping for groceries you don't go looking for synthetic and artificial products or produce that has been wilting on a shelf for weeks. You want fresh, tasty and healthy. What you apply topically to your skin is just as important as what you ingest on a daily basis.  Many of the products you find in your local shopping centers are produced in a factory line and designed to sit and “preserve” themselves for weeks sometimes even months on end. That is why you will find so many synthetics in most of these products. They need to stay “good” for large amounts of time. Good for them, bad for you. The last thing any of us need is more synthetic in our lives!

With your skin being barraged on the daily in the form of personal hygiene products, fragrances, city-treated water, deodorants, why wouldn't you want to finally invest in natural and organic skin care? When shopping around for your next skin care product always be sure that they've got all the right boxes checked. Natural (naturally occuring ingredients), Organic (ingredients that are organically farmed), Vegan (containing no animal products or byproducts) and lastly Cruelty-Free (not tested on any of our animal friends)--Yea, Lalogy has got all of these covered.

Knowledge Is Power

Not all products are created equal. Which means not everything that claims to be natural or organic is in fact natural or organic. Always READ THE INGREDIENTS LIST and know what to look for. If you do stumble upon some words that you don’t recognize just whip out your smartphone and google them, there is always plenty of information available online. I know this sounds like it can be tedious but trust me, it will pay off in the long run.

In the end what you are trying your best to avoid are petroleums, parabens, synthetic preservative systems like phenoxyethanol, synthetic dyes and fragrances/parfums (which contain phthalates).

Pthalates have been banned in Europe but for some odd reason the USA has yet to do so. This specific ingredient is used in various products to help it absorb more quickly into the skin but has been stated to be a "probable human carcinogen" by the EPA. We say no thanks and will gladly let our skin care absorb in it's own time. The next baddie on our list is Petroleum which is derived from crude oil and is linked to cancer! Crude oil...On your face? YUCK! This specific ingredient is found in way too many products nowadays and also take on the names, Mineral Oil, Paraffin, Paraffin Oil or Paraffin Wax--Stay away. Another No-No which is typically found in cheaper products goes by the name of Paraben(s) and can be spotted in the name, for example Methyl-paraben, Propyl-paraben etc. They are a derivative of Petroleum and obviously nasty in their own right. They are linked to cancer, estrogen level issues in women and endocrine system troubles. They also have high rates of allergic reactions. So why would any company want to even use this ingredient? We mentioned it up above, shelf-life. These preservatives help the product last longer which is good for the company but does nothing but offer harm to you and your skin.

We hope we have been helpful and can guarantee that there are many more nasties to look out for but the more you practice the more you will become aware.

Go green and treat your skin to some gourmet food!


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